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Daily Schedule

Attendance and Punctuality 

A crisp start to the day sets a positive and focused tone and encourages invaluable life-long habits.
Our schedule:
Morning bell: 9:00
First recess: 10:40-10:55
Lunch: 11:45-12:45
Second recess: 2:25-2:40
Dismissal: 3:30
For safety reasons, students are expected to check in at the office for a late slip if they are not in class on time.
Regular school attendance is essential for learning.  Regulation 262 of the Education Act states that it is
compulsory for students under 16 to attend school on a regular basis.
Students may be excused from school in case of illness, family emergencies, religious reasons or due to inclement weather. Students may be excused for music or dance examinations without being marked absent.
Please keep the school informed if your child will be absent or late by calling 705-945-7132.  By calling the school you can save us many calls a day and help us ensure the safety and security of all our children.